Day 23 – Into the last week we go!

Hooray, we’re entering the last week! This time next week I’ll be celebrating reaching the end of my Whole 30 and looking forward to my lovely husband’s birthday the next day (hopefully with a cheeky glass of wine or two!!) No doubt this week will be the slowest week in history but hey ho, we’ll get there!

Today has been ok, I had some training in work for specialist products which was good and the day generally went pretty quickly. Dave stayed at home with the little one as he can’t go to nursery until he’s not contagious anymore which should hopefully be later this week! He’s pretty cheery in himself considering and we had a lovely play together when I got home. When I pulled up outside they were waiting for me at the window and Jack was grinning and waving and it was the absolute best moment of me day, I love love love seeing that he was excited to see me, it just makes everything worth it. I love just watching him sometimes, just as he plays or watches his favourite bedtime programme (in the night garden). I love watching his expressions, he’s funny little faces and quirks, how he interacts with people and his toys, how he considers things and really thinks about them. I love watching him figure things out and then being proud of himself, and giggling when he does something that makes himself laugh. I can’t get enough of just looking at him and really seeing him as his own little person. He’s changing so much every day and becoming such a caring and loving little boy, I’m already so proud of him and I feel so lucky that he’s my son.

Food and energy wise today has been fine. I’ve had pretty good concentration and a good amount of energy ever though I didn’t have the best sleep. I haven’t really found myself missing any foods today really which is good progress from where I was even yesterday, this kinda just feels like how I eat now. Even after I’ve finished my Whole 30 I want to continue to adopt this approach to food with eating lots more fruit and veg, and unprocessed, home cooked meals. I’ll add back in some grains and dairy but ultimately I want to cut as much crap out of our diets as I can, and this month has just gone to show that we can do it, and its pretty easy really.

What I ate –

Breakfast – Breakfast bar, apple, strawberries

Lunch – Leftover sausages from the food festival and salad

Snack – Grapes

Dinner – Home made beef meatballs in a tomato sauce, boiled beg and asparagus

Snack – A couple of ginger balls (Sniggers, sorry, ahem)

Tomorrow is going to be difficult I think. I can’t take the little one to any play groups or to anyone’s house really as he’s still contagious and the weather doesn’t look to brilliant so we’re pretty much going to be house bound which is going to be rubbish and I can imagine we’re going to go a bit stir crazy. I need to get googling some ideas of fun things we can do indoors that don’t involve eating everything that’s in the cupboards!!

Night night xx


Day 22

Today’s been pretty pants for various reasons. A lot of things I’d been supressing quite a bit all came to a head today which was good as it got it all out in the open and the husband and I talked through some really good stuff and communicated our issues in a really positive way which we’ve been struggling with a bit recently and I feel much better about that. Its just opened up a lot of stuff for me to think about and work through and that’s just left me feeling a bit down adn a bit flat.

My boy is still sick, he’s really not a well munchkin and I hate that I can’t wave a magic wand and make him better. Last night was a crappy night and we didn’t get much sleep and I just felt like I’d been hit by a ten tonne truck this morning. We attempted the food festival but it was so so busy and Jack got upset and I couldn’t really eat anything and we didn’t manage to meet up with our friends so by this afternoon I ws feeling really down. I had a big urge to bake. Baking is my therapy, and it’s been hard doing the Whole 30 as I find it hard to separate out my love for baking and the eating of the baked goods to make myself feel better. I was a bit naughty that I made some of the Wholefood Simply jaffa cookies, yes yes yes I’m replacing my old treats with ones using Whole 30 approved ingredients, but fuck it, it happened, lets accept it and move on. I’ve had a bit of a crappy food day as my energy was just crashing constantly from being over tired, but again, its happened, lets start tomorrow a fresh. Most of today up until dinner time I was just snacking so I’ll just list the foods I had rather than try and separate it out into meals.

What I ate –

Breakfast bar, grapes, apple, ginger balls, strawberry pieces, sausage, bit of left over mince and aubergine, jaffa cookies

Dinner – Sausages from the food festival (proper sausages), sweet potato wedges, sugar snap peas, asparagus

Right, I need a rest and to prepare for tomorrow! Night night.

Day 21 – as the Whole 30 timeline says – I am so over this

I’m tired, really tired. Its unrelated to doing the Whole 30 and more due to the fact that I’ve been awake since 6am and have had a very clingy toddler climbing over me and wanting to be carried and cuddled all day. I hate that he’s sick, but I do love that when he is sick all he wants is mummy. He just cuddles in but then gets bored and wants to be close or physically touching still so he climbs all over me and I know he doesn’t mean to but he pinches and scratches and stamps on delicate bits. I love having him close but I do feel like I’ve been beaten up a bit!

This morning he woke at 6 but had a drink and a cuddle and then went back to sleep and so did the husband until 9:15am!!! I lay there contemplating life, the universe and everything, making plans, thinking about icing techniques I wanted to try out, thinking about recipes I wanted to try, running through a long trip that we’re making in a couple of weeks. I wish I could’ve quietened my brain and gone back to sleep, but it was lovely to lie there in the peace with just my thoughts for a while and watching my little family sleeping. I love them so much sometimes I feel like my heart might explode. I love them individually and I love them as a whole, I feel so lucky to have them and I never want to take them for granted.

Today has mostly been a sort of house work and chores kind of day, washing, hoovering, shopping, although I must admit its been the other half doing a lot of that and I’ve spent a lot of time cuddling the sicky one. He’s ok in himself but he’s just not quite right, poor little love. I’ve spent since about 4pm just feeling absolutely done in, like I could just lie in a darkened room and sleep for a week. I’ve also been craving chocolate and cake a lot! And wine, I’d love a glass of wine. But I’m sticking to my guns, I’m being stubborn and bloody minded and I set myself a challenge and I’m going to bloody well finish it.

What I ate –

Breakfast – 2 rashers of bacon, scrambled eggs and a handful of grapes

Lunch – Sick toddler meant I just kinda had to eat whatever was to hand which was leftover bacon, carrots, mangetout, and some fruit.

Dinner – Mince stuffed aubergine and boiled veg – yet another yummy dinner and lots of leftovers!

Snack – I made some ‘ginger balls‘ as a healthy snack, they’re pretty tasty and quite fiery (I think I over did it on the ginger a bit!)

We’re meant to be going to the food festival tomorrow but it’ll depend on sicky, I don’t want to spread the infeciton further but I would like to see friends. Its going to be very hard to resist all the tasty tasty food though, hmmmmm. They’ll have steak though I’m sure!!

Right Doctor Who time. Night night!

Day 20 – It’s day 20!!!!! (Early blog today)

Ok so I’m posting pre-dinner time as the little one is just having a nap and I’m thinking we may be in for a long night. He woke up with a temperature but was alright in himself so we took him to nursery but they called about half 1 (fortunately I have an early finish on a Friday so could go and pick him up) to say he still had a temperature and a few spots had appeared on him. Uh-oh! I’m thinking its hand, foot and mouth rather than chicken pox as; 1. most of the spot are on his hands of by his mouth and 2. he’s not itching them. Nothing we can do really apart from keep him dosed up on calpol and give him lots of cuddles as it’s just a viral infection :-(. The big man is out having a driving lesson after work so it’ll be a mad dash for dinner when he gets in and to get a few other bits done.

I found out in work today that I’m being moved onto a specialist process from Monday which is both good and bad. Good because it feels like my hard work is being recognised, but bad because it means by definition this process is going to be harder and more complicated. Hey ho, I’m up for a challenge! Its more things I can put on my cv and means that I’ll have more experience with different products which should hopefully help my future prospects.

Soooooo I’ve finally made it through another week and it’s the weekend! We’re meant to be meeting up with friends and a Food Festival this weekend (Why I thought doing Whole30 was a good idea when I knew there was the city’s biggest food festival happening I don’t know). I’m still looking forward to it as there’s always good meat there which I’ll be able to eat and I’m excited to see my lovely friends and their little ones, I just hope that my little one is well enough to go! We were planning on swimming in the morning tomorrow too but I guess that’s probably out of the window now too! Lots of cuddling on the sofa instead though so it not all bad!

What I ate/am going to eat –

Breakfast – Banana, fruit pot with melon, grapes and orange (I forgot to take any eggs or anything to work and the only thing they had that I could eat was fruit)

Snack – pistachios

Lunch – Leftover slow cooker mocha-rubbed beef, carrots and mangetout and some grapes

Dinner – Marinaded chicken thighs, mushrooms, peppers and carrots

Snack – (undecided yet but if I’m hungry I might have something. I’m still in the habit of thinking its Friday night so I have to snack, hmmm we’ll see).

Wish me luck for this evening/tonight, at least we’re both off tomorrow so can split the duties of a sick toddler! Onto week 3 tomorrow, can’t quite believe it!

Day 19 – I’ve spent all day thinking it was Day 18!!

Wow, so I just typed ‘Day 18’ into the title bar and then checked my calendar and realised it’s actually day 19! I’ve spent all day thinking I was a day behind, eek! It all seems to be going really quickly now.

Well today started off really quite shit, but (spoiler alert) ended pretty well. I was woken up at before 6am by a crying toddler. Have you ever been abruptly awoken from an intensely deep and dreaming sleep and it’s taken you the rest of the day to feel like you’ve actually woken up? Well today was one of those. The morning was spent raging at various courriers who were meant to be delivering parcels (and who did deliver parcels in the end) but there was a lot of confusion on my part as I thought there’d been a mix up with a couple of things I was expecting but it turns out there wasn’t in the end, phew! Oh and somewhere in the middle of that we had a toddler falling off the sofa incident which required lots of cuddles and kisses. I think I was more upset about it in the end than he was.

This afternoon went better though. My mum came over to look after the little one while I went to my hospital appointment, which was worringly on time and went over fairly easily. The Royal is a seriously grim place so I’m glad I didn’t have to stay there any longer than was necessary, and I also managed to miss the worst of the rush hour traffic and got home at the same time as the husband. We had a lovely tea and some lovely play time and Jack took seven steps!!! (Whole I was out of the room of course, sigh!) Did a bit of hectic running around as I realised I’d forgotten to get all of his stuff ready for the morning, but other than that a good afternoon and evening. Energy wise I’ve felt ok today, I really wanted to get out and about this morning but had to wait in for the blummin deliveries, I wish I’d had chance to be a bit more active today. Ahh well.

What I ate –

Breakfast – Apple with almond butter, a boiled egg, a bite of my toddlers banana

Lunch – Tuna and salmon salad with pumpkin seeds and balsamic vinegar

Dinner – Slow Cooker Mocha Rubbed Beef Roast, mushrooms fried in garlic and olive oil and mangetout. Seriously, I could eat this all day every day, it as delicious as it sounds – even the big man asked if we could have it again!

Snack – Pistachios

I really can’t believe its day 20 tomorrow! On the whole I’m really enjoying this, and I’m definitely enjoying finding new and interesting spice combinations. I’m marinating some chicken thighs over night which I’m very excited about, plus I’ve got the leftover beef for my lunch. Yum yum!!

Night night x

Day 18

Hooray, nearly Thursday which means its nearly Friday, which means it practically the weekend, right? I don’t mind, its bake off night! Today has been good on the whole, although it did take me most of the day to get going and I’m not really been bouncing with energy. To be honest I’ve felt a bit lacking, even though I went to bed at half 9 and had a good nights sleep. I’m still waiting for this Whole 30 ‘magic’ to happen. I know I’m doing a lot which accounts for some of it, and I’m trying to be more active than I was day to day so that probably accounts for some too. Work was busy busy busy. I got a certificate today though for doing so well in August which I was made up about, kinda felt a bit like being in school but hey ho. There’s been some big changes in the process at work and it’s battering a lot of people’s heads, including my own so that’s been a bit stressful. Our team leader bought us all chocolate bars to gee us up, and I felt really bad saying I couldn’t eat it and that I’d give it to Dave, maybe I should’ve just taken it and not said anything. Ahh well. I hope she didn’t see it as me being ungrateful. There’s going to be a lot of changes in work over the next few months which I know are going to be quite stressful so I need to not let myself fall back into bad habits of eating junk to make myself feel better (although there’s not much chance of that as we’re moving into the fancy new re-furbed block of the building where eating at your desk isn’t allowed. Seeing as I only get one break at work, and often eat my breakfast and lunch there I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do!)

I’m feeling pretty positive that I’m well over half way there now. I can sort of see the end in sight, even though I’ve still got nearly 2 weeks left. Lots and lots of things on between now and then though. I’m finding that I’m (conciously or unconciously I’m unsure of) trying to fill every single waking moment with something, anything. I’m keeping myself so busy I don’t have time to think about what I’m ‘missing’ out on, I’m filling it with all good stuff and exciting new things that I want to do and try, but I have to admit it can be pretty exhausting. If I do get a quiet moment I find myself getting a little anxious, I need to get better and quietening my mind.

What I ate –

Breakfast – Banana, dates, pumpkin seeds and walnuts

Lunch – Leftover slow cooker butter chicken, carrots and peppers

Dinner – Home made salmon, tuna and sweet potato fish cakes and salad

Snack – Dates stuffed with almond butter – yuuuuummmyyyy

Tomorrow I have a hospital appointment with my endocrine consultant, they’re always pretty stressful and often have long waits so I’m not really looking forward to that, especially seeing as its late afternoon! At least after that it’ll be even closer to the weekend though, huzzah!

Right, bake off time, woo hoo. Night night.

Day 17

I’m going to have to make this pretty quick as I’ve just remembered I have to fill in some self-assessment forms for work tomorrow, urgh, I hate those things! Today has been ok, up and down, had a lovely day with Jack. The weather is really warm for this time of year and I keep overdressing us but we had a lovely time chilling in the park and just hanging out together really. I was lacking in energy a lot today I must admit, and I kept getting wound up by things later in the day but I managed to get to zumba, although I really didn’t feel like I had the energy. I’m glad I went though, its nice to see some friends and just get some frustration out. I’m still aching from Sunday though! I did have a bit of a crappy moment before when I just felt like everyone was after a piece of me, I felt like this in work yesterday and then today I felt like I was trying to do about 6000 things at once and people kept asking me to ‘just do this’ or ‘when you’ve got a second’. I’m just tired and want a break I guess, ahh well, thats what being a working mum is like I guess. Some days I feel like I’m slightly drowning in a sea of nappies and changing bags and lunches that need making and clothes that need washing and teas that need cooking. I love it, but its relentless and exhausting.

What I ate –

Breakfast – an apple and two boiled eggs

Lunch – tuna salad with olives and grapes

Snack – I shared an apple with my toddler, well he ate most of it.

Dinner – Slow cooked butter chicken from a paleo slow cooker book, carrots and grilled peppers, it was seriously delcious, sooooo good!

Post work out snack – home made energy bar made with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, prunes, desciatted coconut and raisins

Right, I’d better get those forms filled out. Wahhhh!

Breakfast –