Day 29 – Holy crap it’s Day 29!!!

Soooooo I can’t believe tomorrow is my last day!!! In some ways its flown by and in others its dragged but either way we’ve got to this point. I’m excited and but I’m a little nervous as to what comes after. I’ve got such a busy few days when I’ve finished that I’m not sure I’ll have time to think about food really which will either mean I will seamlessly put all the new food tactics into place that I’ve been working on over the last month, or I’ll go back to eating quick and easy crap and fall back into old ways. I’m going to try not to do the latter, but only time will tell I guess and if I have a few days off the clean eating wagon just to get through (trust me, this next week is a seriously tough and stressful one) then so be it and I’ll pick back up on it next week. Nobody is perfect all the time and I will not beat myself up over it.

Today has been EXHAUSTING!!! We’ve got a landlord inspection of the house tomorrow so this afternoon was completely spent cleaning and tidying and sorting while the little one went out with the grandparents, it seems like he had a lovely time. I love that he enjoys spending time with them, and I think they enjoy it just as much so happy faces all round :-). This morning we went swimming too which was nice as we haven’t been for a while and then this evening was the manic pre-Monday run around of getting everything together for the week ahead. Tea took longer than expected which is always stressful and Jack didn’t really want to leave my side so I’m pretty knackered now. We’re just catching up on Strictly and then its an early night me thinks.

What I ate –

Breakfast – 2 rashers of bacon and mangetout

Post swimming snack – some fruit shared with the toddler (banana, grapes and apple I think)

Lunch – Tuna salad with pumpkin seeds and balsamic vinegar

Dinner – Chicken and bacon quiche (I mixed mine up and used peppers rather than mushrooms, plenty of leftovers for tomorrow) and salad

Snack – Ginger balls

Argh, on to day 30!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited to say that I’ve done it and to take my ‘after’ picture and compare it to the before picture. I feel like my body has changed a bit and my clothes fit better, my skin is clearer and (on the whole) I have more energy, am sleeping better and have more confidence. Lets see if we can carry all of these things on way past Whole 30 and see if I can make a change for life 🙂

Night night


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