Day 28 – so close, yet so far

I’m finding it hard to believe that day 28 is nearly over. I know I’m so close to the end but damn is it hard to not give in and have some of the chocolate in the cupboard that Dave got me for finishing the Whole 30, and a glass of wine. I’ve really not missed having a drink these last 4 weeks, up until today when I’ve just really fancied a nice glass of red and some yummy dark chocolate. Only a couple more days to go though.

Today has been hard – in various ways. We’re going away pretty much as soon as my Whole 30 is over to visit my family down south so we’re trying to wind down how much food we have in the house so it turned out today that I basically didn’t have anything proper in I could eat for lunch – we had run out of vegetables! I have since picked some up but the middle of the day was a big shady food wise, I kinda snacked and made do with what I could scrounge together. We also had a pretty nasty experience this morning as we’d headed out early to hit the retail park for a few bits and start getting some Christmas present ideas together. My little one is just starting to walk and he’s a bit too adventurous for his own good. Face met hard plastic floor at a rather high speed – cue wailing and lots of blood. Me being me flew into a major panic but my wonderful husband kept a cool head and managed to calm us both down and assess the damage. It looks like he’s only cut his lips and possibly his top gum a bit too. Blummin mouths bleed so much though it looked terrible and of course he wouldn’t let anyone see. Adrenalin hit me and I was really shaky and feeling sick. Eventually we all calmed down and headed home but it wasn’t really the nice relaxing family morning I’d had planned!

This afternoon I had a nice walk out to the shops with him while the big man stayed and did some house work, I’ve got myelf a good one! Then it was a little bit of a mad dash with tea as we had a man come just as we were dishing up to come on fit our new tv box, at least Jack thought it was amusing! Tonight Doctor Who is on and my lovely man is making me a cup of tea before we settle in for the night with that and Strictly. Today it really felt like autumn and I’m excited for warm jumpers and crisp leaves and slow cooker stews and cuddling up in front of the fire, ahhhhh lovely.

What I ate –

Breakfast – 2 rashers of bacon, scrambled eggs and a grilled tomato

Lunch/Snack (it kinda blended into one over the afternoon) – bit of leftover pork, pistacios, a tomato, some grapes and a little bit of jaffa loaf

Dinner – Slow cooked roast chicken, carrots, sugarsnaps and sweet potato chips – man I love those so much!

Snack – Ginger balls – I don’t know why I made so many, they’re never ending!

Time to cuddle up in front of the tele. Hopefully going swimming in the morning then a big house tidy in the afternoon, exciting times!

Night night x


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