Day 27!!!

Blimey these last few days seem to be repeating themselves, its really hard to be so close to the end but still feel so far. 3 days to go though. Three little days. 2 of those are weekend days and weekends always fly, so really its only one hard day :-).

Today has been a mostly lovely day. I stayed home with the little one as he wa still a bit spotty and nursery probably wouldn’t have let him in. We stayed in in the morning and had some lovely play time and cuddles and then lunch and a nap. After lunch the sun came out and I fancied going up to our local high street to do some charity shop rummaging. We’ve got some cracking charity shops up here and you can find some fabulous bargains. I stopped by my mum’s and she decided to come with which was lovely, I love impromptu plans. I found some gorgeous things and my mum very kindly treated me to two dresses, a coat and a skirt! Jack wanted to walk some of the way too which is a bit back breaking but I love seeing him enjoying walking and feeling like a big grown up boy.

This evening has been a bit up and down, the traffic was horrendous picking Dave up so I was late getting there then it took us an age to get back and Jack was getting restless and skrikey, then dinner took way longer than expected and we were all a bit hungry and grumpy by the time we sat down then we had to rush through story time and bedtime. Anyway, Strictly starts tonight which I’m very excited about, I just hope I can stay awake for it. Mood and energy wise I’ve been good today, up until the hunger kicked in and I’ve been feeling pretty knackered since then but its been a very long week!

What I ate –

Breakfast – mostly fruit really, we didn’t have much else! I think apple with amond butter, grapes and half a banana.

Lunch – Leftover slow cooker pork ragu and salad

Snack – a few grapes and half a slice of jaffa loaf

Dinner – Homemade fish fingers (ground almond coating), carrots and peppers

Snack – Ginger balls

Hooray its the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Friday everyone 😀


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