Day 25

Today was a loooooong and tiring day! This week, predictably is absolutely dragging and I’ve spent most of the day thinking it was Thursday. Ahh well. I think I might have a mild version of this bug that my toddler has had as I’ve just felt so run down and weak all tired all day – it doesn’t help that at the moment he’s doing a thing where he wakes up around 1am every night and won’t go back to sleep until 3-4am and by the time he goes back to sleep I’m wide awake and it takes me ages to get back to sleep, and then this morning I woke up at 6am and there was no point trying to go back to sleep as my alarm was going off for work at 6:45am.

Today in work I had the first part of some training which required a decent amount of concentration but I felt like I asked some pretty important questions and got some good answers so that was good. After lunch though I started feeling really rubbish, I kinda hoped that the little one would be able to go into nursery today so I could just have half an hour between getting out of work and picking him up just to catch my breath, but no such luck as they wont allow him back until all his spots are gone so the likely-hood is is that I’ll have to stay home with him on Friday. I perked up a little once I got home but its been a bit of a trying evening between one thing and another so I’m glad of a bit of peace now, and Bake Off in a few minutes, woo hoo! I love Wednesday nights.

What I ate –

Breakfast – Banana, breakfast bar

Snack – a few almonds and walnuts

Lunch – Leftover Spanish chicken and sugar snaps, grapes.

Dinner – Home made bolognese sauce, mangetout and grilled peppers

Snack – I made Dave some apple crumble tonight and the smell was driving me crazy so I chopped up some apple and boiled it up with some cinnamon and nutmeg and a few raisins – yuuummmmyyy!

My brother and his girlfriend are coming up tomorrow so I’m looking forward to seeing them, I hope the weather is nice so we can get out for a walk. Right, bake off time!

Night night x


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