Day 23 – Into the last week we go!

Hooray, we’re entering the last week! This time next week I’ll be celebrating reaching the end of my Whole 30 and looking forward to my lovely husband’s birthday the next day (hopefully with a cheeky glass of wine or two!!) No doubt this week will be the slowest week in history but hey ho, we’ll get there!

Today has been ok, I had some training in work for specialist products which was good and the day generally went pretty quickly. Dave stayed at home with the little one as he can’t go to nursery until he’s not contagious anymore which should hopefully be later this week! He’s pretty cheery in himself considering and we had a lovely play together when I got home. When I pulled up outside they were waiting for me at the window and Jack was grinning and waving and it was the absolute best moment of me day, I love love love seeing that he was excited to see me, it just makes everything worth it. I love just watching him sometimes, just as he plays or watches his favourite bedtime programme (in the night garden). I love watching his expressions, he’s funny little faces and quirks, how he interacts with people and his toys, how he considers things and really thinks about them. I love watching him figure things out and then being proud of himself, and giggling when he does something that makes himself laugh. I can’t get enough of just looking at him and really seeing him as his own little person. He’s changing so much every day and becoming such a caring and loving little boy, I’m already so proud of him and I feel so lucky that he’s my son.

Food and energy wise today has been fine. I’ve had pretty good concentration and a good amount of energy ever though I didn’t have the best sleep. I haven’t really found myself missing any foods today really which is good progress from where I was even yesterday, this kinda just feels like how I eat now. Even after I’ve finished my Whole 30 I want to continue to adopt this approach to food with eating lots more fruit and veg, and unprocessed, home cooked meals. I’ll add back in some grains and dairy but ultimately I want to cut as much crap out of our diets as I can, and this month has just gone to show that we can do it, and its pretty easy really.

What I ate –

Breakfast – Breakfast bar, apple, strawberries

Lunch – Leftover sausages from the food festival and salad

Snack – Grapes

Dinner – Home made beef meatballs in a tomato sauce, boiled beg and asparagus

Snack – A couple of ginger balls (Sniggers, sorry, ahem)

Tomorrow is going to be difficult I think. I can’t take the little one to any play groups or to anyone’s house really as he’s still contagious and the weather doesn’t look to brilliant so we’re pretty much going to be house bound which is going to be rubbish and I can imagine we’re going to go a bit stir crazy. I need to get googling some ideas of fun things we can do indoors that don’t involve eating everything that’s in the cupboards!!

Night night xx


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