Day 22

Today’s been pretty pants for various reasons. A lot of things I’d been supressing quite a bit all came to a head today which was good as it got it all out in the open and the husband and I talked through some really good stuff and communicated our issues in a really positive way which we’ve been struggling with a bit recently and I feel much better about that. Its just opened up a lot of stuff for me to think about and work through and that’s just left me feeling a bit down adn a bit flat.

My boy is still sick, he’s really not a well munchkin and I hate that I can’t wave a magic wand and make him better. Last night was a crappy night and we didn’t get much sleep and I just felt like I’d been hit by a ten tonne truck this morning. We attempted the food festival but it was so so busy and Jack got upset and I couldn’t really eat anything and we didn’t manage to meet up with our friends so by this afternoon I ws feeling really down. I had a big urge to bake. Baking is my therapy, and it’s been hard doing the Whole 30 as I find it hard to separate out my love for baking and the eating of the baked goods to make myself feel better. I was a bit naughty that I made some of the Wholefood Simply jaffa cookies, yes yes yes I’m replacing my old treats with ones using Whole 30 approved ingredients, but fuck it, it happened, lets accept it and move on. I’ve had a bit of a crappy food day as my energy was just crashing constantly from being over tired, but again, its happened, lets start tomorrow a fresh. Most of today up until dinner time I was just snacking so I’ll just list the foods I had rather than try and separate it out into meals.

What I ate –

Breakfast bar, grapes, apple, ginger balls, strawberry pieces, sausage, bit of left over mince and aubergine, jaffa cookies

Dinner – Sausages from the food festival (proper sausages), sweet potato wedges, sugar snap peas, asparagus

Right, I need a rest and to prepare for tomorrow! Night night.


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