Day 20 – It’s day 20!!!!! (Early blog today)

Ok so I’m posting pre-dinner time as the little one is just having a nap and I’m thinking we may be in for a long night. He woke up with a temperature but was alright in himself so we took him to nursery but they called about half 1 (fortunately I have an early finish on a Friday so could go and pick him up) to say he still had a temperature and a few spots had appeared on him. Uh-oh! I’m thinking its hand, foot and mouth rather than chicken pox as; 1. most of the spot are on his hands of by his mouth and 2. he’s not itching them. Nothing we can do really apart from keep him dosed up on calpol and give him lots of cuddles as it’s just a viral infection :-(. The big man is out having a driving lesson after work so it’ll be a mad dash for dinner when he gets in and to get a few other bits done.

I found out in work today that I’m being moved onto a specialist process from Monday which is both good and bad. Good because it feels like my hard work is being recognised, but bad because it means by definition this process is going to be harder and more complicated. Hey ho, I’m up for a challenge! Its more things I can put on my cv and means that I’ll have more experience with different products which should hopefully help my future prospects.

Soooooo I’ve finally made it through another week and it’s the weekend! We’re meant to be meeting up with friends and a Food Festival this weekend (Why I thought doing Whole30 was a good idea when I knew there was the city’s biggest food festival happening I don’t know). I’m still looking forward to it as there’s always good meat there which I’ll be able to eat and I’m excited to see my lovely friends and their little ones, I just hope that my little one is well enough to go! We were planning on swimming in the morning tomorrow too but I guess that’s probably out of the window now too! Lots of cuddling on the sofa instead though so it not all bad!

What I ate/am going to eat –

Breakfast – Banana, fruit pot with melon, grapes and orange (I forgot to take any eggs or anything to work and the only thing they had that I could eat was fruit)

Snack – pistachios

Lunch – Leftover slow cooker mocha-rubbed beef, carrots and mangetout and some grapes

Dinner – Marinaded chicken thighs, mushrooms, peppers and carrots

Snack – (undecided yet but if I’m hungry I might have something. I’m still in the habit of thinking its Friday night so I have to snack, hmmm we’ll see).

Wish me luck for this evening/tonight, at least we’re both off tomorrow so can split the duties of a sick toddler! Onto week 3 tomorrow, can’t quite believe it!


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