Day 19 – I’ve spent all day thinking it was Day 18!!

Wow, so I just typed ‘Day 18’ into the title bar and then checked my calendar and realised it’s actually day 19! I’ve spent all day thinking I was a day behind, eek! It all seems to be going really quickly now.

Well today started off really quite shit, but (spoiler alert) ended pretty well. I was woken up at before 6am by a crying toddler. Have you ever been abruptly awoken from an intensely deep and dreaming sleep and it’s taken you the rest of the day to feel like you’ve actually woken up? Well today was one of those. The morning was spent raging at various courriers who were meant to be delivering parcels (and who did deliver parcels in the end) but there was a lot of confusion on my part as I thought there’d been a mix up with a couple of things I was expecting but it turns out there wasn’t in the end, phew! Oh and somewhere in the middle of that we had a toddler falling off the sofa incident which required lots of cuddles and kisses. I think I was more upset about it in the end than he was.

This afternoon went better though. My mum came over to look after the little one while I went to my hospital appointment, which was worringly on time and went over fairly easily. The Royal is a seriously grim place so I’m glad I didn’t have to stay there any longer than was necessary, and I also managed to miss the worst of the rush hour traffic and got home at the same time as the husband. We had a lovely tea and some lovely play time and Jack took seven steps!!! (Whole I was out of the room of course, sigh!) Did a bit of hectic running around as I realised I’d forgotten to get all of his stuff ready for the morning, but other than that a good afternoon and evening. Energy wise I’ve felt ok today, I really wanted to get out and about this morning but had to wait in for the blummin deliveries, I wish I’d had chance to be a bit more active today. Ahh well.

What I ate –

Breakfast – Apple with almond butter, a boiled egg, a bite of my toddlers banana

Lunch – Tuna and salmon salad with pumpkin seeds and balsamic vinegar

Dinner – Slow Cooker Mocha Rubbed Beef Roast, mushrooms fried in garlic and olive oil and mangetout. Seriously, I could eat this all day every day, it as delicious as it sounds – even the big man asked if we could have it again!

Snack – Pistachios

I really can’t believe its day 20 tomorrow! On the whole I’m really enjoying this, and I’m definitely enjoying finding new and interesting spice combinations. I’m marinating some chicken thighs over night which I’m very excited about, plus I’ve got the leftover beef for my lunch. Yum yum!!

Night night x


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