Day 17

I’m going to have to make this pretty quick as I’ve just remembered I have to fill in some self-assessment forms for work tomorrow, urgh, I hate those things! Today has been ok, up and down, had a lovely day with Jack. The weather is really warm for this time of year and I keep overdressing us but we had a lovely time chilling in the park and just hanging out together really. I was lacking in energy a lot today I must admit, and I kept getting wound up by things later in the day but I managed to get to zumba, although I really didn’t feel like I had the energy. I’m glad I went though, its nice to see some friends and just get some frustration out. I’m still aching from Sunday though! I did have a bit of a crappy moment before when I just felt like everyone was after a piece of me, I felt like this in work yesterday and then today I felt like I was trying to do about 6000 things at once and people kept asking me to ‘just do this’ or ‘when you’ve got a second’. I’m just tired and want a break I guess, ahh well, thats what being a working mum is like I guess. Some days I feel like I’m slightly drowning in a sea of nappies and changing bags and lunches that need making and clothes that need washing and teas that need cooking. I love it, but its relentless and exhausting.

What I ate –

Breakfast – an apple and two boiled eggs

Lunch – tuna salad with olives and grapes

Snack – I shared an apple with my toddler, well he ate most of it.

Dinner – Slow cooked butter chicken from a paleo slow cooker book, carrots and grilled peppers, it was seriously delcious, sooooo good!

Post work out snack – home made energy bar made with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, prunes, desciatted coconut and raisins

Right, I’d better get those forms filled out. Wahhhh!

Breakfast –


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