Day 16 – on the downhill slope!

I’ve made it past half way, woo hoo!!! On an even better note, I’ve made it through another Monday!! Today was much of the same in the highs and lows way work wise. It was hectic but it went quickly and then I got to pick the little man up. I love watching him through the window in the door before he’s seen me, its like a peek into a separate world of his that I don’t exist in. It’s hard knowing that such a world exists, but it warms my heart when he sees my peering through the window and comes over to the door and puts his hands up to me and gives me a big hug and a kiss. Its one of the best moments of my day. The big man had a driving lesson after work so we just chlled for a while before dinner.

Energy wise today has been ok, not brillant but ok. Little one woke up at 4:30am and I dont think I properly got back to sleep after, plus the zumbathon yesterday has drained me of energy a bit but I think a nice early night is in order. Dave’s eating chocolate orange next to me and it’s reeeeeaaaalllly hard to resist, I love chocolate orange. Also, I made the boys garlic bread with their dinner, that’s my favourite so that was doubly hard to resist, I guess you could say that it’s been a hard day cravings wise. But I made it through and I feel good for it, I know that the time for garlic bread and chocolate orange will come (not together though, eww). Tomorrow I have to make an apple crumble for the mother in law’s birthday, I feel like things are constantly tormenting me at the moment, but its nice to have the confidence and self control to say ‘no thank you for now.’

What I ate –

Breakfast – Leftover “Quiche” and an apple

Lunch – Beef salad with olives and a banana

Dinner – Home made bolognese sauce with cauliflower, asparagus, sugar snaps and mangetout

Snack – Handful of grapes and a slice of apple and almond loaf

Time to snuggle up on the sofa with the husband and smell his chocolatey orangey breath, yuuummm!!!


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