Day 15 – half way there!!!

Eeek, I’m halfway through my Whole 30 already, its both flying by and dragging. It feels like I’ve only just started and also like I’ve been doing it forever. Today was a very tiring day, and I’m absolutely shattered, and I also can’t believe it’s the end of the weekend already! This morning we went to the park early. I love the park first thing in the morning at the weekend. Its quiet and peaceful and the only people that are out are people walking their dogs and a few other parents of small children who have also been up at ridiculous o’clock, there’s almost a knowing smile that that we give each other other. This morning it was cold and a bit dreary but the ornamental gardens are still full of colourful flours, and the leaves are only juuuuust stating to turn brown. Everything’s got that slightly over ripe feel. I’m quite looking forward to winter, crisps mornings and early nights cuddled up under a blanket. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. The little man was very grumpy this morning, he’s getting a cold and he’s teething and hasn’t been sleeping well so we didn’t stay long.

This afternoon I went to a Charity zumbathon who were also raising money for mental health charities – I zumba-ed my bum off for 2 hours! My energy levels were good and I had some good energy food to keep my going, but by the end I was exhausted! I’m definitely going to feel that tomorrow! Lunch was a bit scattered because of this and I kind of just snacked during the zumbathon to keep me going. I’m feeling good in myelf overall, more level, more focused and more balanced. I almost feel sometime like I have more energy than I can physically handle, if that makes sense.

What I ate:

Breakfast – apple slices and almond butter, 2 boiled eggs

Lunch – I snacked on banana, olives, fruit and seed energy bars (homemade), nuts, grapes

Dinner – “Quiche” – this time I mixed it up with leftover bacon, lamb shank, peppers and onions. Still delicious, this is definitely going to be a staple that I come back to after Whole 30 is over.

Snack – Apple and almond loaf and a cup of tea with almond milk

Right, time to get my stuff ready for the week ahead. Here we go for week 3, wish me luck!!


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