Day 12 – better day :-)

I’m going to keep this short and sweet (just like the biscuits I’m craving ever so much haha) as I want to shut my brain off for the night and have a rest. Its been a long day but I better one, I’ve had more energy but I have felt like eating the world.Rather than deprive myself and end up binging I’ve let myself eat if I’m hungry. Whole 30 for me is more about me listening to my body when it wants to eat than trying to stick to 3 meals a day. I’ve spent a long time ignoring when my body was trying to tell me it ws hungry or it was full and by doing this I’m hoping to achieve that balance again but feed my body good, nourishing foods when it wants and needs it. For me this usually means I eat small amounts 5 or 6 times a day. If I eat a big lunch, no matter what it is, I just want to sleep and I’m still hungry before dinner time so I usually opt for a small/mdium lunch and then a late afternoon snack. I like to take my time over food and not just shovel it in, I like to think about what I’m eating and savour it and this also helps me to realise when I’m full.

I’ve had a mostly lovely day, went to the park with some lovely friends and their little ones this morning then took a nice walk to the shops this afternoon. I didn’t use the car all day apart from dropping off and picking up the husband (oh and then the gym but thats really not walking distance, plus it was dark), but I walked everywhere instead. It was a lovely warm day and I really enjoyed myself. I finally got round to going to the gym tonight and had a lovely Pilates session which really helped me to destress, although it did make me realise just how tense and tight my muscles are, I need a massage!!

What I ate:

Breakfast – Apple, grapes and 2 boiled eggs

Snack – Pistachios

Lunch – Leftover homemade burger and salad

Dinner – Slow cooked lamb tagine, super yummy!

Snack – I need a post work out snack but I’m not sure what to go for, probably a banana and some nuts I think.

Right, off to go relax and prepare for Friday. DAy 13, eek!


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