Day 9 – Tiiiiiirrreeeddd!!!!!!!

Well, after my hugely energetic day I have officially hit ‘the slump’. Oh Monday, Monday, Monday, why do you hate me so? A bad nights sleep followed by a very stressful day in work where I hardly had time to eat my lunch followed by an overtired toddler was not a brilliant combo. I was planning on going to zumba tonight but I just had so much to do and was so exhausted I just didn’t manage it and I’m a bit gutted. It was zumba step and I really enjoyed it last week, ah well. I crashed a bit after work as I’d not eaten enough and that was pretty bad, I could’ve eaten and eaten but I tried to control my appetite and make good choices so I had a few olives before dinner to hold off the hunger. I’m going to keep this short as I’m knackered and looking forward to a chill out on the sofa.

What I ate:

Breakfast – Banana and 2 bacon rashers

Lunch – Chicken, bacon, pepper and onion quiche (I made another one and mixed up the ingredients) and a bit of salad

Dinner – A couple of olives, homemade fish fingers (coated in almond flour), sweet potato chips and boiled veg

Snack – Apple crisps and pistchios.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a bit more energy, hoping for a good nights sleep.

Night night, tomorrow is day 10 and a third of the way there!!



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