Day 8 – All the energy!!!

So according to the Whole30 timeline I should be going through an uncomfortable bloaty kinda time right now as my body is adjusting but I have to say, thats really not the case right now. I’ve either been through that stage early, or I’m about to hit it but for now I’m feeling really good. I’m feeling waaaayyy less bloated and sluggish, a lot less like I could just sleep all time time and generally like I’ve just got loads more energy. Okay, another 9.5 hour sleep helped a lot (I’ve got work tomorrow so the littleman is obviously going to be up loads in the night!) but still, today I’ve hard more energy that I’ve had in a long time.

This morning we got up, did housework, went swimming, went food shopping then while Jack napped I went to zumba. I felt like I had much greater stamina and was able to work out harder for longer without tiring. Then we had friends round and went out for lunch at the pub (we’d been for a scout yesterday to check there was something on the menu I could have haha), then home again and have been mostly running around getting stuff ready for the coming week. Can’t believe its the end of the weeked already! Well, apart from the start of Strictly, woo hoo! It’s been a fab weekend and I really didn’t find it s hard as I thought I would watching everyone eat their scrummy burgers and drinking beer/wine in the pub. Ok I admit it would’ve been nice to have a cold one in the lovely late summer sunshine but it was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. For the most part I’ve not missed having my ‘treats’ this weekend and I’ve just really enjoyed spending time with my boys. I’ve had moments where I’ve thought ‘I could really murder a (insert cake/biscuit/chocolate/beverage here) but for the most part I’ve really enjoyed eating this way. The planning has helped a lot and has helped me eat so deliciously, but long may this continue!

What I are:

Breakfast – the last of the leftover Chicken, bacon and mushroom quiche

Snack – (pre-zumba) banana and couple of olives

Lunch – (in the pub) – Cobb salad – lettuce, rocket, chicken, bacon, avocado, egg, yummy!

Dinner – I was quite full from lunch so just had some leftover chicken, olives and apple crisps

Right I’m dashing as strictly is on, but on to another week, and fingers crossed, so for so good!


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