Day 7 – Made it through the first Whole week (see what I did there??)

Hooray, end of the first week! There’s been ups and downs but ultimately this week has been really good and I’m stating to definitely feel the benefits already. My digestive systems feels loads better, I’m bloated and sluggish less often. If the timeline is right I am about to go through a bit of a slump though while my body is getting used to efficiently using fat and protein as fuel rather than sugar so at least I’m prepared. A good sleep last night helped, a really good sleep. The little man slept 12 hours straight and I slept 9.5! That’s AWESOME for both him and me, I’ve never been a great sleeper and often found it hard to drift off but I literally don’t even remember turining off the light last night. I’m surprisingly not missing having a drink this weekend, we even went to the pub (to suss out if there’s anything I can have on the menu for when we’ve got friends round for lunch tomorrow) and I just hd soda water. It was more yesterday I missed my end of week glass of wine but today I’m quite happy with my cup of tea. I’ve had an ok amount of energy and my aches and pains seem to have mostly gone, but we’ve had a quite quiet day which has been really nice. I’ve also eaten absolutely deliciously. This doesn’t seem so hard when you can eat so well!

What I ate:

Breakfast – Sliced apple and celery dipped in cashew butter

Snack – Half a can of tuna and a few pistachios

Lunch – Leftover Chicken, bacon and mushroom quiche. Seriously this was as delicious as it was yesterday, and I’ve still got leftovers for breakfast, Excited!

Dinner – Slow cooker whole chicken with veggies, tomato sauce and sweet potato chips (another new recipe I tried out and turned out to be delicious!)

Snack –  A cup of tea with almond milk and Apple and cinnamon crisps – these are just downright scrumptious and crunchy. I’ve actually got another batch in the oven as I type this.

All in all, a good day. I feel nicely tired, nicely full, nicely relaxed. Time to snuggle up and watch Doctor Who 🙂


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