Day 6 – Ups and downs

I’ve just read the ‘What to expect’ for day 6 and the title is I just want a nap… yup. I’ve been bloody knackered today, sooooooo tired. Didn’t help that we were up a lot in the night and then it was an early start in work. Everything ached and I could’ve crawled back into bed and slept for a week. Work was a bit rage filled (I think I’m still slightly in the Kill All The Things phase) and I ended up getting really frustrated with other people who aren’t doing their jobs properly. Fortunately it’s no one I have to work directly with, but its annoying picking up cases that have been worked all wrong and ultimately getting the wrong decision for the customer, but I’m not allowed to raise it to get the right decision made. Argh, frustrating! Then I picked up the little man from nursery who’d once again refused to sleep all day so he was so over tired he only did a really short nap when we got home and woke up deleriously tired. This meant the rest of the afternoon and evening was… challenging. Overtired, cranky, hyper baby and very tired and achey mummy who cannot have wine and chocolate for the first time on a Friday in a long time is not a good mix!

That was another thing that came out of today, I’ve found it really hard sticking to my foods. I’m been craving chocolate and cheesecake and wine and its been hard to look forward to meals, even though they’ve actually been bloody delicious. I know that its around now that my body will be starting to really crave those things that its trying to get rid of, its used to getting its energy from sugar and its not getting that any more so I’m in the adjustment period before it starts efficiently burning fat and protein. It’ll happen, but it leaves you feeling pretty wrung out for a few days. I’m finding it a bit hard to look forward to the weekend as what I used to enjoy most about weekends was going out to eat with my boys, maybe a cider or a glass of wine, some sneaky chocolates with some tv once the little man was in bed. Dave’s off out really early in the morning so I’m a bit bummed that we don’t get Saturday morning together, it’s one of my favourite parts of the weekend as you’ve got the whole of two days to look forward too. Anyway, on to my:

What I ate:

Breakfast – Banana, 2 boiled eggs, black coffee

Lunch – Leftover Jambalaya

Snack – Grapes

Dinner – Chicken, bacon and mushroom ‘Quiche’. It was delicious, I’m genuinely excited to have the leftovers for my lunch tomorrow.

Snack – I’m about to sign off from here, stick some rubbish tv on and substitute my chocolate and wine for frozen berries, pistachios and maybe a green tea. Rock and Roll!

Right, time to go and enjoy my Friday evening with the better half and have an early night!


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