Day 5 – a sixth of the way there!

Hooray, I’ve nearly made it through day 5, and I’m still feeling mostly good. The weather was lovely and I took Jack for a nice swim in the afternoon and then we had a lovely warm walk in the park after dinner. I wish we’d done that more over the summer. It was nice to chill in fresh air and wind down a bit. One more day til the weekend. I know I’m up for some pretty big challenges heading into my first weekend, usually Friday night would be wine and chocolate, and we’re having friends over on Sunday so are going out for lunch and I’m struggling to find anywhere that has something on the menu I can eat. Dave is also currently eating a nutella brownie next to me and I could quite happily put my face in it. Think a snack might be in order, I know they try to disuade snacking on Whole30, but in all honesty my body just does not function well on 3 big meals. I need to eat little and often so I aim for 3 medium meals and 2-3 snacks depending on how big those meals have been. Physically I’m feeling better, yesterday I was feeling pretty bloated and a bit lacking in energy but today I’ve felt much more comfortable and lively. I’m quite tired now but its been a busy day and I feel like I’m tired from expending energy rather than just lethargic tired. *Touch wood* I’ve been sleeping well (baby permitting) and have been able to get going relatively easily the mornings.

What I ate:

Breakfast – Two rashers of bacon, a boiled egg, an apple and coffee with almond milk

Lunch – Leftover salmon fishcakes with salad and pineapple

Snack – Banana and some nuts

Dinner – Slow cooker Jambalaya (very tasty, leftovers for lunch tomorrow!)

Snack – about to have a cup of tea and some grapes, maybe some cashews

On to day 6 and Friday! I hope its no ones birthday in work, they always bring in cake, its hard to resist. Ooooh my Whole30 tshirt came today too, very excited!


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