Day 3 – feeling tired but good!

Ahh day 3, its been a busy busy one. I had a fabulous sleep last night and woke up feeling really good. This morning I had my ‘Getting to know you’ meeting for the Bambis to hopefully become a breastfeeding peer supporter. Its something I really want to do and it feels like a big positive at the moment. This afternoon we had a lovely time in the park with a lovely friend, then it was off to pick the other half up from work and then to a hospital appointment for the little one. It was hectic and I didn’t have too much time to think about food, which was good as it kept my mind off it, but bad as I suddenly realised at the hospital that I was ravenous but didn’t have anything with me I could eat. All in all though, its been a good day. I’ve had some really happy moments and felt really positive, but I am feeling absolutley shattered now and my back is hurting.

What I ate-

Breakfast – Smoothie of blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries whizzed up with almond milk

Lunch – boiled eggs and salad with pumpkin seeds and balsalmic vinegar (starting to see a lunch time trend here, must mix it up!)

Dinner – Home made bolognese sauce with asparagus and sugarsnaps

Snack – Fruit and nut graze box and a cup of tea with almond milk.

Going to keep this short and sweet tonight as I’m very tired but I’ll check in tomorrow.

Night night!


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