Day 2! Its the end of day 2!

Woo hoo, I’ve almost made it through day two! Mondays are bad at the best of times but when you’re on day 2 of essentially a sugar detox and you were up a lot of the night with a teething baby its nooootttt good, BUT there were still some positive bits to the day. Work was long and stressful, moving servers meant that there were lots of infuriating system issues and I mostly felt like banging my head on the desk, and then I was working on a deceased case where the customer had died in his 50’s so that made me a bit sad. Usually at stressful times like that in work I ‘treat’ myself to a coffee and some chocolate, but today I stayed strong (and to be honest I was so busy that I didn’t really have time to dwell on food as it was straight from work to pick Dave up, to nursery for Jack, to dinner time, to the gym and now home!) I felt pretty bloody tired after work but after a yummy tea mustered up the enjoy to join the girls at Zumba Step (a new class thats a mash up of Zumba and Step Aeorbics, intense!) and I feel really good for it. Mostly I’ve felt ok today other than the about half an hour after work when I just wanted to sleep for a week, but after a snack I was ok. Ok time for the factuals,

What I ate –

Breakfast – Banana and boiled eggs (I dont think my work colleagues where too impressed with me peeling eggs at my desk)

Lunch – Tuna and leftover salmon salad with pumpkin seeds and balsamic vinegar

Snack – Apple and a cup of tea with almond milk

Dinner – Sausages (good quality, no fillers of course), sweet potatoes and mixed veg.

Post work out snack – Fruit Graze box


Tomorrow I’ve got a super busy day between a training meeting in the morning and then meeting friends and a hospital appointment for Jack in the late afternoon so I’ll have to remember to pack lots of healthy snacks with me to stop me from crashing. Right, I’m cream crackered so its time for bed me thinks. On to day 3, I’m planning a smoothie for breakfast with fruit thats past its best, maybe a boiled egg, oh the possibilities are endless!

Night night.


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