Day 1 – DONE!

Day one is finally over – its been a rather long day seeing as we’ve been up since 6am (thank you teething baby!).

What I ate:

Breakfast – Bacon and eggs and an apple. Black coffee. Yum!

Snack – Grapes.

Lunch – Tuna salad with pumpkin seeds and balsamic vinegar. Double yum!

Snack – A banana and a fruit and nut graze box.

Dinner – A rather rushed cajun salmon and boiled veg. I was baking brownies in the oven which took foreeeevvveerrr so I had to throw this quickly down my next before taking the little man to bed but it was still tasty.


Speaking of brownies, my biggest challenge today has been making food that I can’t eat. I made a giant vat of bolognese to freeze in portions and, while I can eat it on my diet, I probably shouldn’t put my entire face in the pan, which was tempting. I alos made some savoury flapjacks for Jack’s lunch as they’re quick and easy on the go, and they’re delicious but a big no-go for me right now. And then, the biggie, the brownies. They’re not for me, obviously, but at one point I had brownie batter all over my hands and it took everything within me not to lick it off. But I didn’t I stayed strong and I’m proud of myself! The other hardest bit of today has just literally been remembering that I can’t eat certain things. It really has highlighted to me just how much unconcious eating I do, there were so many times when I was making food for someone else or just in the kitchen that I’d go to pop something in my mouth and have to stop myself. I also forgot momentarily at the park that I couldn’t have ice cream. Boooo!

So, on to day two. Reading the timeline I’m in so a pretty serious sugar hangover tomorrow which I am NOT looking forward to, especially as it’s my longest day in work but hey ho. I’ve got boiled eggs ready to go for breakfast at my desk, I bet my colleagues are just going to love me! All in all, day one has been pretty good and I’m ready to take on day two. I just hope I get some sleep before then but teething baby is making it look doubtfull. At least there is still coffee, even if it is sans milk.


Night night, see you tomorrow!


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